Sermon Series: Trending

On Sunday Tiffany House Church is welcoming everyone to join them for a new 7-Week sermon series exploring the latest trending topics.  What is a trending topic? They are the issues we are faced with every day; they are what everyone is talking about; they are the hard questions that everyone is trying to answer.

You may not find words like “politics” or “economics” in the Bible, but we believe that God’s Word can help us understand and address every problem and question that we are faced with.

If you are looking for some answers to these tough questions and topics for yourself or maybe someone you know has a tough time believing in God or Heaven because of the current state of the world…maybe #Trending might be a great place to start finding those answers.

The series starts on Sunday 6th of November but people are invited to join along at any point throughout the series.

For contact details and driving directions go to the profile page for Tiffany House ChurchTrending 2011

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  1. SuperGlyn November 7, 2011 at 12:30 pm #

    Incredibly moving sermon. For those that missed it you can watch it free via iTunes here:

    The Sermon is Trending Part 1 – Afterlife.

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