Modern Day Slavery

If you thought human slavery ended in the 19th century…you thought wrong. There are more slaves in the world today than at any other point in human history. Today, right now, there are an estimated 27 million people enslaved. The majority of humans trafficked are women and children for the sex trade. Human trafficking is a global issue but what might surprise you is the fact that Greece is at the centre – it is the “gateway” from Europe and has an estimated 200,000 people trapped against their will right now, usually under threat of death themselves or to their families.

In GREECE, 1,838 women and children are sold for sex every day. That’s one every 47 seconds. (Source: A21 Campaign)

To do our part to raise awareness of this issue we encourage you to watch this 2 part documentary from Joyce Myer Ministries as they look at what’s happening in Thessaloniki and what’s being done to combat the problem through Christine Caine and the A21 Campaign

Joyce Meyer ~ Modern Day Slavery – Part 1

Joyce Meyer ~ Modern Day Slavery – Part 2

Want to Take Action?

If you have been impacted by what you’ve just seen and heard and would like to help in some way and to be part of the solution please email and we’ll connect you with like minded others who are interested in doing the same. You can also Check out A21 Campaign’s guide 21 Ways to Help straight away.


The numbers quoted by A21 in the awareness campaigns echo those reported and published by policymakers, activists, journalists and scholars.

Kevin Bales, a sociologist who serves as a consultant to the United Nations and has authored several books about modern-day slavery, estimated the number was 27 million people in his book “Disposable People: New Slavery in the Global Economy.” The book was published in 1999.

Siddharth Kara, a fellow on trafficking at Harvard University and also an author, recently told CNN that his calculations put the range between 24 million and 32 million. That number was current as of the end of 2006, he said.

Author Ben Skinner said about the difficulty in being accurate about the figures during a telephone interview: “The first is that the people we are counting are, by definition, a hidden population.

The most important factor that A21 focuses people’s attention on is not the vastness of the numbers involved, as they are overwhelming and numbing but on “the one”, the individual, the single person that might be saved, restored and set free from their bondage through informed positive action.

What is your reaction to the reports you just watched?

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