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At a conference I attended in California in January 2014 we heard of an amazing healing. A word of knowledge was given at the Conference about metal plates and screws in people’s bodies and surgeries that had gone wrong. Several people went forward for prayer and were healed.

But the even more amazing part of the story is that someone at the conference texted his aunt in Canada to encourage her to claim God’s healing for her condition. Following an accident some years ago she had suffered a severely broken ankle and her foot was literally left hanging. She had surgery and metal plates were inserted to reconnect her foot. But the surgery left her movement severely impaired.

However, the aunt was fast asleep in bed and was unaware of the text message. The following morning she went to the bathroom and halfway there realised that her foot was no longer in pain and her ankle movement was restored completely. Later she went out to lunch with friends and shared with them the news of the new found movement in her ankle. It was only during this meal that she looked at her phone and saw the text message her nephew had sent the previous evening.

This story capped off an amazing evening of testimony of God’s healing power when two people had hearing restored, another had eyesight restored in a damaged eye, many back injuries were healed and incurable conditions cured. The previous day I had witnessed someone collapsing with a suspected heart attack (ironically for someone at a conference on healing). He was taken to hospital but only after several people had prayed with him. The next day he was back at the conference giving testimony to God’ s healing. On arrival at the hospital they undertook tests on his heart and pronounced it was in perfect condition.

God is amazing.


p.s. You can watch the entire healing service online here

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