Bible Bee in Crete (Summer 2013)

What is the Bible Bee?

The Bible Bee helps families to establish a life-long pattern of discipleship in God’s  Word. All of the materials and events are designed to be enjoyable and family-centered  as they encourage, recognize, and reward diligence in Bible study, Scripture memorization and prayer.  The National Bible Bee begins June 1st as contestants learn to inductively study a  designated book of the Bible through the Bible Bee’s exclusive “Sword Studies” and  memorize Scripture with the help of their Bible Memory cards. Local Hosts provide  encouragement, support and family activities for socializing and studying.

The Contest Day will be held on 24 August 2013  Tsesmes, near Rethymno.

Who may participate in the Bible Bee?

Youth who will be 7 to 18 years of age as of November 13th may register as official contestants of the Bible Bee. They will compete in one of three age divisions: Primary (7-10 years of age), Junior (11-14) or Senior (15-18). Youth who are outside of this age range may register for materials, but not compete.

How do we join the Bible Bee?

Please mail entitled “Bible Bee” or call 697-332-6047 to get information on how to receive materials in Crete.

Contestant registration is open April 1st through May 31st at

Everything your family needs to participate is included in the registration fee. Your Local Host will welcome you and keep you posted about local events throughout the summer. At the beginning of June, Bible Bee Boxes arrive on every contestant family’s doorstep. Each contestant will receive an age-appropriate “Sword Study,” memory verse cards and a Bible Bee branded Bible in your chosen Bible version. Parent Guidebooks will assist you in guiding your children to learn and apply God’s Word.

What happens at a Local Contest?

After a morning gathering to welcome everyone, the three age divisions separate to complete their Written and Oral Test Rounds. The Written Test lasts for one hour and consists of 200 questions covering their study of the designated book of the Bible and Bible Memory passage comprehension questions. During the Oral Test, contestants recite up to 20 passages in 10 minutes in front of two Judges who grade their recitations. Parents are welcome to observe their child’s Oral Test as well.

Why participate in the Bible Bee?

The greatest reward of being a part of the Bible Bee is experiencing your family drawing closer to the Lord and closer to one another as you study the Bible, memorize God’s Word and pray together. As you pursue family discipleship through the Bible Bee, you will likely meet many other like-minded families and have tons of fun along the way!

All The Dates

  • 20 May 2013-Deadline to Register to ensure June 1st Materials Deliveries!
  • 1 June 2013-Bible Bee Study Materials Released
  • 24 August 2013-Local Bible Bee Contest Day in Tsesmes, near Rethymno

Get in Touch and Spread the Word!

In the first instance just email entitled “Bible Bee” or call 697-332-6047 to get information on how to receive materials in Crete.


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