Baptisms on the Beach

Over 30 people gathered at Stavros Beach on the Akrotiri on Sunday 13 October to witness the baptisms of four believers and to celebrate with them their new found faith in Jesus.

Karem’s Family


Brought up as Muslims, Karem and Roshen Farein were forced to leave family and friends in Syria, their country of birth, and build a new life in Athens and later here in Crete. Life has been hard for them as they sought to build a new home for their young family, make a living in a foreign country and learn a new language. On their journey they have met with the Living God and accepted Jesus as their personal Saviour and Lord. All those close to them have been impressed with their trust in the goodness and faithfulness of God.

Along with their eldest daughter, Anna, they shared their testimonies before being baptised in the sea. People were particularly struck with Roshen’s story.

Roshen’s Story

Roshen's baptism

To help make a living for their family Roshen is often seen with her children down by the old harbour in Chania with Ian, their pet python. Tourists are invited to have their photos taken with Ian for a small donation. One day, when business was really bad, and before she had become a Christian, she decided to pray to God. “If you really are there and love me, enable me to earn 100 euros today” was her challenge. As she prayed something seemed to lift in her heart and, for the first time in her life, she felt she was really speaking to God and He was listening.

Soon afterwards, an elderly gentleman and his grand-daughter came along. Seeing the snake the little girl started to scream. Roshen tried to hide the snake to calm her, but the gentleman brought her over to Roshen and explained to his grand-daughter that it would not harm her. Gradually the little girl calmed down and Roshen was able to gently put the snake around her shoulders, her fear of snakes having disappeared. The grand-father thanked Roshen and, as they left he gave her…..100 euros. Roshen was overcome and told the gentleman how she had only recently prayed to God. He said God sent him as the answer to her prayer. Roshen knew now that God was real and accepted Jesus as her Saviour. Now she says she doesn’t just pray for money, but for God’s peace.



The fourth person to be baptised was Rebekah, visiting her father from America. Baptised as an infant, Rebekah is a committed Christian and works for her local church. Just two days before, she was challenged by God to be baptised by full immersion as a mark of her obedience to The Lord.

baptism in crete

Karem's baptism

baptism on the beach

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