God Heals Cancer

Join with us as we raise a shout of praise and thanksgiving to God who has healed Christian brother here in Crete of  cancer.

After John was diagnosed with bowel cancer, he knew from the outset that prayer made for his healing had been answered.

First, God helped his surgeon, who had never performed such a difficult operation, to remove the cancer. It is normal that bowel cancer causes cancerous cells to spread to other parts of the body, so patients usually have preventative chemotherapy with all of the associated side effects that often accompany it. But for no apparent reason John’s oncologist held back the treatment. She could not explain why but John believes God guided her.

Next, there was a scare when a CT scan revealed fluid in one of John’s lungs that the lab said contained cancerous cells. Later, tests showed what John already knew; wherever the fluid came from ( and they never found out) it was a work of the devil trying to steal his healing. The fluid just went away after prayer.

Since then, John has had X rays,  a CT scan and a colonoscopy and the tests all show that God has completely healed him of the cancer.

Commenting on his healing John said, “What the world needs is to know God to whom nothing is impossible. He has chosen us fragile children to be His ambassadors. Let us pray for God to support us as we step out in faith, and allow His love to work itself out through us to a hopeless world. Then we shall see His glory as people come to Him.”












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