Tavronitis Tebla Chapel

Situated at the western end of the Island, this is a Church established by David and Brenda Lancaster-Smith from the UK, serving mainly an English ex-pat community. I found it a friendly and welcoming church. Services broadly follow the Anglican liturgy and David is an able Bible teacher.

The Church currently meets every Sunday at 10.30am. It meets at a local Orthodox Church building with the permission of the local Bishop, either in a covered area outside of the chapel (during the summer months) or inside the chapel when the weather is inclement. There are also occasional mid-week meetings.


The Chapel is situated high up on a hill overlooking Tavronitis and can be seen when approaching from the national highway. From the national highway turn off at the Tavronitis junction, take the slip road to the left and follow a narrow lane up the hill. Turn left near the cemetery.

Meetings are every Sunday at 10.30am


Contacts: David and Brenda Lancaster-Smith.

Phone. 28240 23669. Mob: 6948-74-7723

Website: www.christchurchcrete.com

Address: “DAVENDA”, Tavronitis, Tebla, Kolymbari 73006


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  1. Gill Bunker March 6, 2013 at 12:39 pm #

    Christchurchcrete now has its own website and someone told me yesterday that they found the church at Tebla through your site and asked if I could add a pointer to our website address.

    I said that I wouldn’t be able to change someone elses page but would ask if you could include it. The website address is http://www.christchurchcrete.com

    Kind Regards


    • Editor March 6, 2013 at 4:27 pm #

      Thanks for getting in touch Gill. We’ve made the changes to the listing. Do let us know about any other news or events happening in the coming year!

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