Christians in Crete

Christians in Crete is a community website about the churches and Christian groups based in Crete. We invite you to enjoy, contribute and share anything that will help grow the wonderful Christian community we have here in Crete.

This website is for:

  • Anybody wanting to know about places where you can worship in Crete
  • The many ex-patriots settled in Crete or have a holiday home here and want to find out more about the local Christian community
  • Anyone looking to buy or rent a home here and want to know more about the Christian scene on Crete
  • Everyone wanting to connect, help and grow God’s family here in Crete

“Christians in Crete“ brings together information about churches in Crete where services are either conducted in the English language or an English translation is available. It also gives some background to the wider church scene and the practice and traditions of the Orthodox Christian faith celebrated by the islanders.

Get Involved!

The Latest News & Events page is an online notice board for any news, events, missions and questions you have about what’s happening in the Christian scene here in Crete. This is a community site in every sense of the meaning – so it’s all about you.